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The website's critical consensus reads: "Having lost much of its bite transitioning to the big screen, Twilight will please its devoted fans, but do little for the uninitiated. Last time I saw a movie in that same theater, the audience welcomed it as an opportunity to catch up on gossip, texting, and laughing at private jokes.

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This time the audience was rapt with attention". All the story's inherent silliness aside, it is intent on conveying the magic of meeting that one special person you've been waiting for. Maybe it is possible to be 13 and female for a few hours after all".

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The film was released on DVD in North America on March 21, , through midnight release parties, and sold over 3 million units in its first day. The film and the next two installments of the Twilight Saga will be rereleased as a triple feature with extended cuts on January 13, Since its release, Twilight has received numerous nominations and awards. MTV reported in February that Summit Entertainment intended to create a series of at least three films based on Meyer's books. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: List of Twilight cast members.

Peter Facinelli as Carlisle Cullen , a compassionate plus-year-old vampire who looks to be in his early 30s. He serves as the town's physician and is the Cullen family patriarch.

She is hostile toward Bella throughout the film, worried that Edward's relationship with a human puts their clan at risk. He is the newest member of the Cullen family, and thus has the most difficulty maintaining their "vegetarian" diet of feeding only on animal rather than human blood. He is Victoria's mate and a gifted tracker, due to his unparalleled senses.

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He nearly hits Bella with his van. Justin Chon as Eric Yorkie , another one of Bella's classmates who vies for her attention. Solomon Trimble was credited as "Jacob's friend" in the film, but was widely recognized as playing the part of Sam. He was recognized as playing the part of Embry in the Twilight film, though his role was uncredited. They could have filmed [the script developed when the project was at Paramount] and not called it Twilight because it had nothing to do with the book When Summit [Entertainment] came into the picture, they were so open to letting us make rules for them, like "Okay, Bella cannot be a track star.

Bella cannot have a gun or night vision goggles. And, no jet skis When they told me Rob was probably the one, I looked him up and thought, "Yeah, he can do a version of Edward. Main article: Twilight soundtrack. Main article: Scene it? Film portal. Archived from the original on Retrieved Entertainment Weekly. Time Inc. Box Office Mojo.

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Peninsula Daily News. Accompanying each act of sabotage, kidnapping, or assassination is always an unambiguous — and gruesome — sign that the Twilight's Hammer is responsible. He will take 10 Encrypted Twilight Texts which can drop from any Twilight's Hammer member and drop in large stacks from the roaming Twilight Prophet through the repeatable quest Still Believing. The quest gives no faction, but several hours after the turn-in, he will mail you a container.

In the container can be translations of a Twilight's Hammer newsletter that contains lore information, as well as Shadow Resist tradeskill recipes for cloth and plate Runed Stygian and Darkrune, respectively , as well as scrolls to create an Object of Beckoning. Here is a list of all known members of the Twilight's Hammer that appear or re-appear in the third expansion: Cataclysm. Leaving the Twilight's Hammer clan is not easy and deserters will be executed like Zamael Lunthistle , locked away like Morridune , or hunted like Hermit Ortell and Theldurin the Lost.

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