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Although the actions of Gregor and Amory have been discussed in rumors and are even considered common knowledge in Casterly Rock , [20] the murderers of Elia and her children have never been publicly confirmed. Some explanations gathered by Maester Yandel for his work The World of Ice and Fire include that the Mad King commanded their deaths after learning of Tywin's betrayal, or that Elia killed her own children to prevent them from falling into rebel hands.

Oberyn Martell is convinced Tywin himself ordered the deaths of Elia and her children in revenge for her marriage to Rhaegar Targaryen , to whom Tywin had intended his daughter, Cersei Lannister , to marry.

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Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon argued over the killing of Rhaegar's family. While Eddard believed it to have been unjustified murder, Robert had been satisfied with the deaths of Rhaegar's children, whom he described as "dragonspawn". Jon Arryn was not able to calm their anger, and Eddard rode south the next day, where he lifted the siege of Storm's End. Afterwards, he travelled to the tower of joy , where he battled the three remaining Kingsguard knights of Aerys II and found his sister Lyanna Stark dying.

Only the grief Eddard and Robert shared over the death of Lyanna eventually reconciled them. Both knights chose the Wall. Robert was crowned before Eddard managed to lift the siege of Storm's End. Garigus wept for mercy, and Belis attempted to bribe Jaime with gold in exchange for his life. The deaths of Elia and her children infuriated House Martell. While Prince Oberyn Martell 's attempts at another rebellion were stopped by Doran Martell , Prince of Dorne , following Jon Arryn's visit to Dorne the year after Robert took the throne [15] [27] Doran continued to plot a Targaryen restoration in secret, [28] working closely together with his brother, Oberyn.

Pycelle had felt that the war had been lost after the death of Rhaegar. With Aerys mad, and Viserys and Aegon too young, Pycelle admits that he had hoped that Tywin would have been the new king.

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Ser Amory Lorch is fed to a bear after the fall of Harrenhal. While in the House of the Undying , Daenerys Targaryen sees a vision of an old man telling another , "Let him be king over charred bones and cooked meat. Let him be the king of ashes. Lord Tywin Lannister tells his son Tyrion that he ordered the Sack to prove House Lannister 's loyalty to Robert Baratheon , the victor of the Trident , and out of worry of what Aerys would do to Jaime, his bodyguard and hostage within the Red Keep. During the trial by combat , the poisoned Gregor publicly admits to killing Elia and Aegon. Robert : Instead you found that our men had already taken the city.

What of it? Eddard : Not our men.

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The lion of Lannister flew over the ramparts, not the crowned stag. And they had taken the city by treachery.

Robert : Treachery was a coin the Targaryens knew well. Lannister paid them back in kind.

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It was no less than they deserved. I shall not trouble my sleep over it. I saw King's Landing after the Sack. Babes were butchered that day as well, and old men, and children at play. More women were raped than you can count. Do you think the noble Lord of Winterfell wanted to hear my feeble explanations? Such an honorable man.

The Sack

He only had to look at me to judge me guilty. By what right does the wolf judge the lion? By what right? Justice is in short supply this side of the mountains. There has been none for Elia , Aegon , or Rhaenys. If the quarterback's intent is not obvious, statisticians use certain criteria, such as the offensive line blocking scheme, to decide.

Unique situations where a loss reduces a quarterback's rushing total not a sack are " kneel downs " used to run time off the game clock. A player will receive credit for half of a sack when multiple players contribute to the sacking of a quarterback, even if more than two players contributed. In the NFL yards lost on the play are added as negative yardage to the team's passing totals; however, the quarterback's individual passing total stats remains unchanged.

The term "sack" was first popularized by Hall of Fame defensive end Deacon Jones in the s, who felt that a sack devastated the offense in the same way that a city was devastated when it was sacked. Prior to "sack", the term "dump" was often used, and the NFL's statistical office recorded all sacks under "dumping the passer".

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The NFL only began to keep track of times passers lost yardage in [7] and no credit was given to the defensive player responsible until Controversial NFL rule changes made for the season prohibit tacklers landing on the quarterback after making a sack, with the punishment being a roughing the passer penalty. Of all forms of defensive pressure against the opposition's passer, sacks provide the most immediate impact by ending the offensive play.

In the NFL season , there were 1, sacks and 3, hurries, and a hurried quarterback generally averaged fewer yards per pass play compared to the average pass play. These records are from onwards, the year the NFL started officially recording sacks.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, as sacks were not officially recorded by the NFL at that point, Michael Strahan is credited with the single-season record.

However, as sacks were not officially recorded by the NFL at that point, Jevon Kearse is credited with the single-season rookie record. Greenwood had 4 sacks in Super Bowl X. Retrieved October 15, The Milwaukee Journal. November 7, Retrieved June 5, June 4, The New York Times. Archived from the original on September 1, Retrieved September 28, Retrieved February 2,