The Exclusive Guide For J1 and ESL International Students in the USA

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Boarding Schools are usually competitive, with selective admissions, small classes, and individual attention from highly qualified faculty. Educatius Group only works with schools that have documented high quality academics and facilities. We partner directly with American Boarding Schools that offer a great education and the best possible environment for study, enrichment activities, and social achievement.

Usually, international students choose Boarding Schools for their strong academics results and university prep programs that help students be accepted to top universities in the USA and around the world. However, some international students choose US boarding schools for the unique programs that cannot be found in high schools in their own country. All our US Boarding Schools have excellent academics, and many offer specialty programs.

Programs might be artistic such as a performing arts conservatory, a world-class ballet program, film-making or a competitive music program in partnership with a top university. Other schools might have unique offerings such as a golf course, horseback riding facilities on campus, or even flying lessons for students. Most Boarding Schools seek talented students, but a few Boarding Schools are good options for students who need extra help to be successful in school.

Some other benefits of boarding schools are always having your friends close by, having teachers and faculty available for extra support around the clock, living super close to classes, and choosing from a healthy menu of professionally prepared food each day. Most of our boarding schools accept foreign students in grades Some of our partners accept younger students.

Schools will require a Skype or even in person interview with each applicant before considering their admission. Some schools are highly competitive, accepting only a handful of students a year. Some schools have excellent English ESL programs for international students and therefore can accept a student with a lower level of ESL than a day school can. With so many variations, it can be difficult to know which school is best for you!. However, our Student Advisors help each student understand which boarding schools are the best fit, and you can apply for multiple high schools with 1 application.

Start an inquiry and our staff or regional partners will help you understand the admission process and requirements to apply.

ESL Special Programs - Cultural Ambassadors

Each Boarding School sets its own fees for tuition, accommodation, and meals. There are often additional fees for insurance, additional English as a Second Language classes, student activities, damage deposit, uniform, textbooks, breaks etc. Generally Boarding Schools that are very competitive, in famous locations and that are non-religious are more expensive; and those in less famous locations that have a religious affiliation are less expensive. Most international students who attend the Private Day program stay for multiple years, and continue to a competitive university in the US.

Others, however, attend our Private Day School Program for the experience of an academic year abroad and return home. We work directly with these schools and arrange for our students' host family accommodation while they attend school. Some are very competitive, admitting just a few top performing students each year; others are more flexible and will welcome students at a range of academic levels.

Others are located in smaller cities and towns throughout America; Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Georgia. Most are co-ed, although we do offer a few all-boys and all-girls private schools. We have many private day schools that are non-religious, as well as some that are Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian, and others. Our Student Advisors work with each student to understand their goals, budget, and background to recommend the best schools to match them.

Host families come in many shapes and sizes, but will always offer international students a safe and supportive environment.

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All families have a strong interest in welcoming an international student into their home and sharing the American way of life. Each student is assigned a Local Coordinator who will orient them to their new community and act as a personal support throughout their stay. International students aged are eligible to attend our Private Day program, in grades Each private school has its own admissions requirements, but all international students must have and maintain minimum passing grade point average 2. All student applicants are interviewed by their high schools to make sure they hold the necessary level of maturity and motivation to study abroad.

ESL classes are available in some schools, for students who need extra English support. Private high schools in less-famous regions and with religious affiliations Catholic, Christian etc. International students must have insurance and pay for the application fee per school. Some Private High Schools charge additional fees for uniforms, textbooks, extra ESL classes, activities, and student trips.

Types of International Student Visas

Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria. Some foreign students come for the overall experience and want to be at a high school near the beach or a big city in California, Massachusetts or Florida; they might want competitive sports or performing arts and lots of extracurricular activities. Educatius Group's public or government or state school districts are situated in attractive locations like Los Angeles, Boston, Florida, San Francisco, Phoenix, Seattle, and many more.

Our students can play sports according to state laws , join clubs, and take courses the schools - including the ability to earn a high school diploma in grade 12! Thanks to our late application deadlines and guaranteed placements, the program also offers a possibility for students who did not get a place on the regular Classic J-1 program to study in the USA.

Due to this tuition fee, international students enjoy the same rights regarding academics, arts, activities, and graduation as American students. Your new home away from home - your American host family will welcome you to your new life in America! Our staff matches our international students with well-screened host families near their school of choice. Our host families all go through rigorous background screening and supervision to make sure each student has a great homestay experience. A Local Coordinator is assigned to each student, for the students to go to if they have any questions or concerns during their program.

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  6. Deadline: If you want to start in the Fall, your application should be received by June However, some schools will fill up before that date, so we advise to send your application as early as possible to get your first school choice! Each high school or district has a different fee. Please request a quote for the schools you are interested in.

    International Students

    Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school, but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria. International students need to gain an advantage when applying to American Universities in a competitive College admission landscape.

    On Educatius Group's Diploma Year program, we match foreign students with USA high schools that will accept international students entering grade 12, match up the previous subjects and credits they have, advise on which US high school subjects are mandatory to take, and allow the student to earn a US high school diploma and graduate! OPT is a more involved and time-consuming Volunteering and Unpaid Internships for F-1 and J-1 Students Prior to Graduation There is a difference between volunteering and engaging in an unpaid internship.

    This means you are free to travel while your application is being processed. Students must be enrolled and pursuing a degree in an academic institution outside the United States. I was assured by my student association, mandarin school in china, and my company that it is legal to do an internship on an x2. The purpose of the B-1 visa is to provide entry the United States for business or to participate in volunteer programs at a nonprofit organization contributing to social or charitable causes.

    Abroad Internships offers many internships all over the world in almost every field of study. An intern or trainee can gain new skills or go deeper into more advance training while continuing to exchange knowledge, ideas, and best practices with American staff.

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    Working with more than companies all over Europe and precisely in Spain, we can offer you the perfect internship experience. Your internship in Tokyo will make you stand out from your peers in an increasingly crowded job market. Apply for the visa as well as a language courses to enhance your internship experience. Internships in the U. Find out more about Visa Inc.

    Or, you can fill in our quick 5-minute application form which includes a free visa eligibility test.

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    The maximum amount of time you can legally be in Colombia is days per calendar year. I don't know if i will be able to get that in time and my internship company said that i just have to get a tourism visa, but the embassy wont give me that. London Visa. If your internship will last longer than two months, you can apply for a visa extension through the Immigration office. However, those people who want to work in the UAE temporarily can apply for a mission visa.