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What about the context?

De l'utopie de la fin du travail au digital labour (Sébastien Broca)

The CPA itself dates back to ideas that were first proposed twenty years ago, when the amount of people working flexible jobs began to rise. Some benefits in companies are tied to seniority, which means people working a succession of short-term contracts will never be able to take advantage of them. The CPA redresses this by making benefits portable , adapting them to people rather than jobs themselves.

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Tell us about the central thrust of the CPA. We know that those people who continue to update their skills hold down jobs longer, that the unemployed and those on the margins of the job market lack access to training. In France, the job market consists of insiders who are protected and have lots of benefits and outsiders who shoulder the burden of job flexibility. So the CPA seeks to break up this duality and give outsiders a chance to get a foothold in the market. For example, young people who leave school early could be given more points than their peers who go to university, allowing them to continue their education and get a leg up.

It could become part of public policy in the sense that once the government identifies a population at risk, they could then grant their CPA points to reduce inequality. In its essence, the individual activity account aims to transform the way we perceive social protection.

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What role, if any, did the crisis play in precipitating the CPA? France has had high unemployment for more than two decades. The idea is that all my benefits are grouped together in one place. There would be a website, with a related smartphone application to allow users mobile access. All of this would be with a certain amount of guidance and assistance, both online and in person.

Xenophora : 27 p. The study case of Pleurobranchus lowei Watson, Gastropoda: Nudipleura: Pleurobranchidae , indeed a species of Haliotinella Gastropoda: Naticidae from the eastern Atlantic. Mapping alien Mollusca distribution in the Mediterranean Sea: the Lessepsian immigrant Retusa desgenettii Audouin, reaches Turkey.

Collections of the Natural History Museum of Lille. Diplostraca Types and figured specimens. Nautilus, 4 : The fossil record. Zoosystema, 37 3 : Geodiversitas, 37 3 : Adansonia, 37 1 : Nautilus -Greenville then Sanibel 2 pp. Elsevier, p. Compendium of Bivalves 2. ConchBooks, p. Gagnon-Arguin, S. Mas, D. Geodiversitas, 36 4 : Description of the second Laotia Saurin, ; a genus new to the fauna of Vietnam Gastropoda: Cyclophoroidea.

Folia Malacologica, 22 4 : Actes du colloque H2PTM Lavoisier pp. Besombes C. Bidault E. Bungener P. Charbonnier S. Delfosse E. Montuire S. Nappo A. Ortea J. Rebouillat V. Sales L. Smith V. Souto C. Tan S. Houart R. Inkhavilay K. Kee N. Pacaud J. Perraudin F. Pignal M. Quinquenel A. Amati B. Jeratthitikul, E. Beer C. Brignon A. Neiber M.

Nouvelles gouvernances : réformer le système

Imad S. Ahyong S. Ellwood E. Lopez-Lima M. Marshall B.

Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre.

Kembellec, G. Faure D. Montenat C. Bolotov I. Borges L. Lavin M. Quinton E. Nel A. Vega F. Moulds M. Chupin L. Audo D. Boyer F. Mahdjoub M. Signorelli J. Fedosov A. Engel J. Jauvion C. Kembellec G. Dagher-Kharrat M. Mallard D. Reis L.

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