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Bob Dole, federal workers and CIA directors join crowds paying their respects to Bush

This is the British English definition of never a dull moment. View American English definition of never a dull moment.

Change your default dictionary to American English. Show more. At the end of the first presidential debate, before the Clinton campaign even had a website, Dole announced his web address on-air, and encouraged voters to visit.

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Before that, the site had only gotten hundreds of concurrent visitors. All at once, it was getting thousands. The entire oral history is worth reading. We want to hear what you think about this article. Even hardline Republicans who scare off many voters, such as House Speaker Newt Gingrich, were presented in a warm and fuzzy way. A video showed Gingrich sweating in the sun, helping to build a house under the Habitat for Humanity program - and in his speech he lamely attempted to humanize his message by making a bizarre connection between the emergence of beach volleyball as an Olympic sport and the principle of freedom.

His point was that no government bureaucrat would have invented beach volleyball.

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Often the message was simply in the image itself: along with Powell, many black Republicans were front and centre, as were rising female stars like New Jersey's tax-cutting governor, Christine Todd Whitman. The problem was that the image often clashed with reality. More important, the party platform adopted early in the week includes hardline policies on such issues as abortion and immigration, reflecting the views of the radical and fundamentalist Christian forces that are so powerful among Republican activists.

On the eve of the convention, leaders of the Christian Coalition were boasting openly of their influence in the party. Ralph Reed, the group's baby-faced leader, described in detail how his troops had been prepared to ensure that their views triumphed on their key issue of outlawing all abortions, by mobilizing pro-life delegates through a sophisticated network of floor co-ordinators.

As it turned out, a floor fight was averted and the Christian forces were left on the sidelines. One morning last week, 2, of them gathered at an outdoor amphitheatre surrounded by palm trees and placards portraying bloody aborted fetuses. Several kilometres from the convention site, they indulged themselves in the kind of rhetoric that Republican leaders were desperate to keep off the prime-time airwaves.

Former vice-president Dan Quayle, one of their heroes, assured them that they should not fear being labelled extremist. We own the convention. But here's the deal: it took 30 or 35 years to move away from American values, and it'll take a while longer to win the country back. So we can be patient. But there's a whole lot of intolerance in our history that we're proud of.

With abortion, we're where we were at with slavery just before the Civil War. Some people thought it was bad, some people said it was OK. I hope we don't need another civil war to resolve it, but we will win this fight for the unborn.

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There's a lot of Christians that won't vote for Dole - and there's an awful lot of us. In the coming weeks, it will be more difficult for the Republicans to still those voices.

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They may have been able to script a four-day convention, but Democrats will do their best to remind voters that Buchanan and Gingrich are louder voices in the Republican Party than are Powell and Whitman. Clinton has already moved his administration to the right on such crucial social issues as welfare reform to avoid giving any ground to the Republicans.

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That leaves the economy as the main field of debate. Republicans will push their per-cent tax cut at every turn.


Their argument is that average incomes have stagnated under Clinton, squeezing families even further at a time when the economy is supposed to be in full recovery.