Marriage On The Edge (Mills & Boon Modern) (The Barons, Book 1)

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Practical and brightly written, this book provides a seven-step plan to help anyone boost the effectiveness of their communications. It is easy to follow and contains great advice for everyone.

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The case could be made for Deborah Levy as the most inventive of English novelists. This superlative new novel about new and old Europe shows exactly why she is so revered. A blitz of summer reading here, introducing the best that July has to offer. A Nearly Normal Family M. Edvardsson Macmillan UK Edition. A truly unsettling and brilliantly propulsive narrative, this domestic mystery has at its heart a daughter accused of murder. Did she do it? Or are things more complicated than that?

Described as the nonfiction debut of the year, this exceptional work takes the stories of three women to examine the world in which we live now. A stunning, unforgettable achievement. This is a thriller of peerless quality. This epic story of two families in post-war America is a bravura work of emotional resonance. As lives unfold over decades, we are witness to history, both personal and political. This high-stakes game of murder and deception is impossible to put down. But then tragedy strikes, and everything changes for Augusta….

Everyone knows the Grayson sisters are trouble. But no one knew how much….

Marriage on the Edge by Sandra Marton (Paperback, 1999)

Set in the aftermath of the Vogue ball scene in New York, this bewitchingly, ferociously brilliant novel traces the lives of men who became mothers to a generation of lost children. An uncompromising classic. Tabby Brown loves books, but cares little for parties.

A lady detective who ran her own agency, she had as many secrets as she had cases. This biography tells her story, and what a story it is! Noah is a successful barrister. May Rosevere is , her long life attributed to toast, port and Cornish air. But there is something else keeping her alive.

Nicolo: The Powerful Sicilian (Mills & Boon Modern) - E-bok - Sandra Marton () | Bokus

A secret only she can remember. A charming, delightful and inspiring tale. This dark take on the coming-of-age novel delights in its spiky characters and pitch-black plotting. In , the Van Apfel girls went missing. Tikka Molloy remembers it well, but must now deal with its legacy…. Please also make sure to leave your reviews on Amazon. Alone, she seeks solace in a crime podcast. But as she listens, she realises she knows one of the victims — and that she might be able to solve the case…. For over thirty years, Jeanette Winterson has been pushing at the boundaries of fiction, and never has her work seemed more timely.

This modern reimagining of Frankenstein shows exactly why. Lexi hides her identity so no one will link her to her brother. At last she is happy, but for how long? Jessamine Gooch hosts a radio show about crime in London. Delphine is an old woman, but she remembers the past. A past that is out to destroy her present…. Posy Montague has lived at Admiral House for seventy years and the time has come to sell. But Admiral House has secrets Posy is only now about to discover. A sumptuous and captivating page-turner. A startlingly original slice of historical crime, this is the second outing for Leo Stanhope.

All Leo wants is to keep his head down and protect the secret of his birth gender. But then the police arrive at his lodgings….

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It is a trip that will redefine his life in a myriad of dramatic ways. Queenie was named to be queen of everything. So why is she finding it so hard to rule her own life? A Victorian detective story like no other…. Naomi is in care but she will not be broken by the system. A classic. Some talk of going back to nature, but few go to the same lengths as Mark Boyle. This entrancing memoir traces his retreat from modern life and how we can all embrace a life ungoverned by technology. Framed for murder, bomb expert Dr. Jacqueline Silver escapes prison and sets off to find those who wish to silence her….

Michelle Paver is one the most compelling voices around, and this new standalone is a masterclass in storytelling. Maud is a lonely child, dominated by her father, but soon the forces of witchcraft appear…. Tiffy and Leon share a flat, but have never met. Leon works nights, Tiffy the days. What will happen when they meet at last?

To Catch A Spinster (The Reluctant Bride Collection, Book 1)- Full Audiobook

We had a record number of nominations for Books of the Month this month, and there are some wonderful titles to choose from. Stark, prophetic, chilling and thought-provoking. Speak Up! The perfect primer for the next generation of rebel girls, this is a celebration of standing up for oneself and challenging expected norms. A family on a well-earned break in France. An unplanned visit from parents. An unexpected tragedy. And snakes….

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  • One of the most talked about and celebrated US novels of is finally published in the UK. Celestial and Roy are the embodiment of the American Dream. Until Roy is convicted of a crime he did not commit…. The natural heir to such British icons as David Nobbs and Sue Townsend, Nina Stibbe is one of the funniest writers around — and Lizzie Vogel is a character impossible to resist.

    A Gift for Dying M. This stand-alone thriller from the author of the bestselling Helen Grace series is a masterclass in mystery and suspense.

    By Honore De Balzac

    Adam Brandt is a forensic psychologist. Until he meets Kassie…. A superb historical novel that brings 19th century Birmingham thrillingly to life. Cora is born in jail, but works herself up to gain a position with scientist Thomas Jerwood. But he is a man with secrets….