Lesson Plan #4: Julius Caesar

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Antony thinks Lepidus is weak, so it's a shame that he'll be sharing power with Antony and Octavius in the triumvirate. Antony says he only took Lepidus' word about who should die because he's more experienced than Octavius. The plan is to let Lepidus bear the burden of ruling while doing as he's told by the other two. Octavius is more in the pro-Lepidus camp and insists that he's a good solider. Antony replies that his Antony's horse is a good soldier too — good at being led and ordered. To them, Lepidus should only be a puppet. They then discuss the fact that Brutus and Cassius are raising an army, which they have to fight by allying their friends and funds.

They go off to sit in council and discuss how they'll fight their enemies and weed out the traitors. Cite This Page. Groups may meet out of class if they wish.

Julius Caesar Lesson Plan Ideas | Language Arts Classroom

The book read may be Julius Caesar or the book of choice. Other groups will grade each other with a rubric next week. Presentations are in one week. Students may meet out of class to finish their presentation, or call each other on the phone to finish the assignment. Group members will grade each other with a group rubric so make sure that everyone does their part for the presentation. Also: Julius Caesar folders are judged by rubric by class members today.

These are handed in to me along with folders today. Check with Mrs.

Discussion Topics

Each student will show their folders in front of the class for votes. Whoever wins the contest will be awarded 50 extra bonus points towards their Unit Grade. There will be five winners, 1 st through 5 th place.

Julius Caesar Plot Lecture

Students will be judged on quality of work, originality, design, and neatness using a rubric. Do you think that the soldiers in Act I are treating the common people they talk to in the street with respect? Why or why not? Do you think that the cobbler felt that he was less equal than the soldier? Why did the soldiers think that Pompey was greater than Caesar? Why does he call the soothsayer a dreamer? Do you think that Calpurnia wanted to get pregnant? Why was only she blamed for not being able to get pregnant?

What is wrong with Caesar that he shakes? Have you ever heard that phrase before? Vocabulary words to be learned include: hence, sterile, cobbler, thou, knave, beseech, apparel, cull, plague, exalted, vulgar, servile.

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All vocabulary lists need to be filled in and put in the Julius Caesar folder. The Ides of March, soothsayer, gamesome, veiled, countenance, vexed, grieved, construe, neglect, cogitations, oaths, banqueting, virtue, chafing, accoutered, controversy, luster, majestic, Colossus, brooked, entreat, repute, pluck, mocked, aye, durst, rogues, wenches, blunt, mettle, enterprise, citizen. Students fill out answers to the homework question sheets for Act 1, Scene I as a group activity during the last 20 minutes of class in order to see how the sheets are done. Students will help their group members fill out the form and take turns with answers if possible.

Assignment for tomorrow: Act 1, Scene II. If there is time, the groups can help each other fill out the questions for this second study guide also. Students may choose to do an Extra Credit Independent Caesar activity. This activity will be done by Tuesday,. Design a memo or email message from the soothsayer to Julius Caesar. Write a scene that is not in the play, like a conversation between Portia and Brutus, where he tells her his plan to kill Caesar. Make a bulleted list of Cassius's plan to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy.

Make a three-column list of who is for, against, and undecided. How do you think that each is alike or different? Groups can help each other fill out homework questions if there is time at the end of class. Today we are going to do Vocabulary Cards. Students will sit at tables of 4 students each. These group tables are the assigned group tables.

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They will have a deadline of 20 minutes for this activity. Each team will research a different word and make a drawing that best describes the word they have been given in the context it is used in this Scene. Each word will be located and underlined as part of the homework of the day before. Extra underlined sheets will be available for each group. Time for activity: 15 minutes total. The group decides who will explain each card.

They will use the dictionary definition as a guide. They will punch a hole in the top of the card. Each card grouping will be put on a coat hanger or other hanger and hung up in the room OR the students will put the cards on the bulletin board. Student 4 will stand and say the word the group researched and the definition of the word. They will hold up the card to show to the rest of the class, then will put the card on the bulletin board or attach it to a mobile.

What do Casca and Cassius seem to be talking about in this scene? Why do Cinna, Cassius, and Casca want to get Brutus on their side? Why does Brutus ask his servant, Lucius, to find out whether the next day is the Ides of March? Ligarius seems to think highly of Brutus. Why does he go along with him, not knowing the plan? Today, students are going to start this contest.

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All students receive a rubric that explains the Word Scavenger Hunt today and complete directions. Each group will pick objects and pictures by next week.

Everyone has a week 5 days to get these together. Each group will receive 3 points for an actual object, 2 points for a model, and 1 point for a picture. If a drawing is used, it must be an original drawing that takes some time to make.

Julius Caesar Unit Plan, Shakespeare, FIVE WEEKS of High-Interest Lessons, CCSS

Teams must keep absolute secrecy about their words because otherwise other groups might copy them. Each team needs to do at least 5 words, but may do more for more points. They may pick the words from any Vocabulary list sheet from any Act or Scene. Students may bring in slide shows, books, collages, picture books, newspapers or comics, and completed words will be shown on an exhibit table. Students get 20 minutes today or half the class to work on this project in groups.

All projects and words will be graded using a Project Rubric. Then the groups can fill out homework questions about this scene if there is time at the end of class. Groups may work on the Word Scavenger Hunt outside of class if they wish, or call each other about the project too.

It is up to each group how they want to do the words.

Collaborative Reading and Analysis of Julius Caesar Act 1, Scene 2

Each group member will rate the other group members on a Group Rubric as well. Today is the day that half of the student groups will give group presentations on:. Each presentation will take 5 minutes, and then the class will rate each group on a Presentation Rubric. Each will be graded with a rubric.


Group presentations will be graded using a Group Presentation Rubric. Viewing of movie is to be next Friday or parts of the movie We will watch the movie highlights if possible, or watch just part of the movie each Friday. Groups may answer the questions on the study guide today if there is time. Why does Caesar not take the advice of his wife, Calpurnia. Why does he do this? Do you think that Caesar wants to have a crown?

Do you think that the soothsayer knows what will happen? Why does he want to speak to Caesar again? Why are the people of Rome confused after what happens to Caesar? Petition, thrive, redress, banished, tyranny, prostrate, valiant, presently, beseech, reverence, hart, spectacle, prophesy, oration. Vocabulary Keywords:. The students can link to this history to remember this word.

A word picture can be formed. The students can brainstorm these word links together to come up with great ways to remember these words.