Food for Thought: 30 Meditations on the Last Supper

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‘I Don’t See Wonders’

Good amount of views. Perhaps we would make arrangements to travel to them if they are far away, perhaps they would travel to be with us. We would choose our favourite foods, we would make a special effort to set aside any other commitments that we had, we would probably want to share thoughts and memories of good times that we had spent together, we would laugh, perhaps shed a tear or two, and know that we were surrounded by loved ones.

Yes, he chose to spend that time with friends, or those who he had considered friends. But the Gospel writer is quite clear in suggesting that Christ knew, all the while, that those with whom he was sharing that meal were not the types of friends that any would truly want to have. Jesus seemed to know, full well, that those with whom he shared that meal, those who joined him at that table, would betray him, they would abandon him, they would deny that they even knew him, they would hand him over to those who would kill him, and then they would flee into the night.

Because we, too, are called to join him at the table, just as his erstwhile, fairweather friends were called. We, too, are called to him at the table, not because we have done anything to deserve to be there, but in spite of the fact that we do not deserve to be there.

The Last Supper & the Passover

But it is better for us to see our lives in light of their actions — to realize that we betray him, and his call and claim upon us; to realize that we deny him, not only in our actions but sometimes even in our words, our priorities, our allegiances, our commitments, our attitudes; to realize that we — like those first followers — love following Jesus when his power is at work on our behalf, or when things seem to be going well; but then, when things are not going as smoothly, or when he does not seem to be doing what we want or what we expect him to do, we are as likely to walk away from him, to pretend that we do not know him, even to deny our supposed call to be his followers.

And he knows that. Just as he knew what was going to happen to him, and what those who shared that first table with him were about to do.

20 Interesting Facts About The Last Supper

Because what we are called to remember, when we come to this table, and break bread, and share the cup, is that he did all of this out of love for the undeserving, not for those who merited or who had earned his love. He did all of this to reveal the forgiving grace of a God of love, and forgiveness can only be extended to those who have sinned.

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His words remind us, in a beautiful way, that the invitation to this table is not because of our goodness, but because there is one who prepared this table — for his followers so long ago, even as he prepares it for us today. And now that the Supper of the Lord is spread before you, lift up your minds and hearts above all selfish fears and cares; let this bread and this wine be to you the witnesses and signs of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit.

Before the Throne of the Heavenly Father and the Cross of the Redeemer make your humble confession of sin, consecrate your lives to the Christian obedience and service, and pray for strength to do and to bear the holy and blessed will of God. And this message is confirmed by the end of the story. The bridegroom arrived, albeit unexpectedly and far later than anyone would have anticipated, and led the attendants who were ready to celebrate into the wedding feast.

Chancel Communion Meditation – St. Andrew's Church

The doors were closed and locked, leaving the foolish bridesmaids out of the party. Those who had not kept their lights shining were not ready to join the party. And the consequences were difficult. Some texts had stated that some of his friends and earliest followers would not die before he returned. But days had turned into months, months into years, and years into decades. His last meal consisted of unleavened bread and wine. My last meal would be a medium-rare steak with buttered corn and mashed potatoes.

That goes to show how awesome Jesus was. Instead of a fancy dinner, He chose a simple meal for His last meal. The name says it all. This supper is when the First Eucharist occurred.

Depression Fought Hard to Have Him

What a thought: First Eucharist at the Last Supper. As part of Eucharist or communion , Jesus took the bread that was on the table, broke it in half or close to half and told his disciples to take it and eat it. After taking bread, Jesus then took the wine from the table and told his disciples to drink it. The Last Supper was actually foretold in the Old Testament. The painting itself is huge.