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Still, they transfixed me. Who could forget the torment of the man who vomited rabbits? I'm also dying to understand Cefalea, one of the stories I read twice. I'm sure I'll revisit this book in the future. Feb 14, Rhomy rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , friend-s-5star-reviews , classics , latin-american , short-stories , argentinian.

Second time of reading it and besides the fact that it squeezes your brain while you try to figure out what does he mean with all those crazy stuff, I love it. And let's not forget the story that gives the name to the book: "Bestiario". Thumbs up for Julio Cortazars magical realism. I do have to say that some stories were better than others; especially Lejana didn't really manage to convince me.

Still, this is without doubt a very interesting read and it felt good to read in Spanish again. I'm doing this review slightly different since there are eight different short stories included in this bundle.

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Below a short description and my thoughts on each of them. Casa Tomada In this story a brother and a sister are living in a big and old house in Buenos Aires. It starts as a description of their everyday life; then slowly that same house is being taken over by a 'stranger'. You never get to find out who it was or why they don't try to fight it, and that is part of the charm of this short story. The main character writes a letter to the owner of the house he has been asked to take care of with a confession: somehow he regularly 'vomits' little rabbits and then has to hide them It sounds absurd but it is actually a quite funny story.

Lejana This one is without doubt my least favorite story. I normally like magical realism, but this story was too confusing to be enjoyable. It seems to be a story of a woman who writes about some kind of visions, but to be honest I'm still not completely sure what was really going on. Having lived in BA and taken the same bus many times only improves the reading experience Slowly things are starting to go wrong and they don't know how to fix it..

Cirse This story made me crave chocolate! Delia makes chocolates and saw her two previous boyfriends die under suspicious circumstances. Mario prefers to ignore the odds and is determined to be her third and only living boyfriend An interesting enough story for sure. Las Puertas Del Cielo This story hasn't as many magical realism elements but is without doubt very interesting as well.

One of the main characters is a husband who is struggling to coope with the death of his wife, and his friend is trying to help him. One night when they go to a milonga he thinks he sees his dead wife again Las Puertas Del Cielo turned out to be intriguing and also has a nice reference to the whole milonga culture. Bestiario The last story is probably the most famous one and is also the story the bundle has been named after.

I remember having to read this particular short story back in Uni and I really enjoyed reading it second time around. Magical realism at its best!

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The characters live in a big house and there also happens to be a tiger walking around. The movements of the characters are limited by the tiger, but they seem to be used to it Until someone makes a mistake. Find more of my reviews here. I wouldn't confess my secret either.

My literary-minded readers will know him for the The Elements of Style writing manual that contains such classical advice as Omit needless words , Be clear , and Place yourself in the background. Now for the comparison. Let me spell that out: 1. Your curiosity is extinguished because you are satisfied, or because you don't care. It is ill-defined, indefinite, indescribably balanced on the boundaries of perception.

The third point is arguably the hardest to transfer from non-fiction to fiction.

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In other words, let the reader skate over all the mechanisms, issues, trickery that underly successful fiction; let them enjoy the scenery. Cracks in the narrative surface, hills and ravines, narrative surfaces within narrative surfaces, warped reflections and startling linguistic legerdemain are the domain of magical realism and metafiction.

Every man has a dark side, a beast side within himself. It's up to him letting it outside Many of those difficulties are not even rational Why did I read it? Despite my devotion to the author, I do not share his liking for these works, much too brief, in my opinion, to give a well-rounded view or a consistent character definition, unless, of course, the character, opinion or trait in the works is the sole axis for each construction as a whole. However, I was lacking in a connection between all of them they ranged from plain to scary to absolutely obscure and the disparity in the quality between the worst and best was dismal, in my opinion.

I've rated each story in turn because there are some I loved and some I didn't quite like. The first three I've rated below are my favourites and absolute masterpieces in my opinion, stories I would keep reading again and again and again; in fact I've lost count of how many times I've read Casa Tomada. Pure Genius. Oct 26, Dylana Salas rated it really liked it. This is a compilation of tales by Cortazar. Each tale portrays the mind tribulations and relationship tensions of the human existence in very distinct ways.

Cortazar writes in some cases in a way similar to the fantastic scenarios of his fellowman Borges. An interesting entry point to the work of Cortazar. Jun 07, Hannamari rated it it was amazing. Weird, surreal, and These stories are Latin American magical realism at its best. Oct 06, Juan Nicolas rated it really liked it. Clearly you can appreciate Julio Cortazar's "strangeness poetics," in which he dismantles reality by conveying a particular unusual feeling on the reader, almost telling the reader, "reality might be as fake as this book for all you know," or asking "what assumptions are you taking for granted right now.

Nov 20, Mayerly rated it really liked it Shelves: wrap-up-septiembre-diciembre A compilation of popular stories. Some are good, some are too bizarre. Opening and closing stories were my favorite. New word: Manscupia. Oct 21, Olive Writter rated it really liked it. May 24, Erika rated it really liked it. Very interesting short stories, but I need to read them again.

Nov 01, Reixel Soy Yo rated it it was ok Shelves: literature. With the exceptions of two of the eight tales, I found them a bit boring and weird.

Fable III (3)

In several of the short stories, such as La Casa Tomada, the reader is left alone to ponder the evocative denouement, and imagine for themselves the true nature of the terror that flits between its pages. A wilful refusal to tie up snaking plotlines caresses open the door to the blackness that inhabits each of our minds, and leaves the psyche vulnerable to creeping tendrils of threat.

One read through will not satisfy its shadowy urges.

May 23, Air Knight rated it it was amazing Shelves: literature. The stories show his usual style of writing, the way he likes to approach the genre the best place to introduce fantasy elements and his inspiration for the genre neutralized products of neurosis, nightmares or hallucinations, an exorcism - Casa Tomada House Taken Over is probably one of his best known works due to the flawless way fear, resignation and acceptance are compressed in such a short text. A masterpiece of the genre. It lacks that element that would make the story feel unique when compared to other works dealing with this issue.

The writing skill makes sure to deliver the point across but it pales in comparison to the other stories in the book. It's rather impressive how well it works despite being restrained by the technical kind of style he uses. It's one of the best of the set, but it feels odd as there are no actual fantasy elements.

Oct 18, Justine rated it liked it Shelves: spanish. I had a very bimodal reaction to hese shorts. I think Casa tomada was my favorite, although I also really liked Bestiario the titular short. All had very deep, very raw treatment of emotions that I found very compelling. I think what unnerved me about many of the other stories was the flat, emptiness of many of the female characters. Lejana, Circe, and las Puertas del Cielo all fell in to this category: the fe I had a very bimodal reaction to hese shorts.

Lejana, Circe, and las Puertas del Cielo all fell in to this category: the female characters are presented as embodiments of otherworldy characteristics or emotions, rather than like, real humans.

Ultimately I think it made the stories dull. Jun 06, Katja Vartiainen rated it really liked it Shelves: novel. Coratzar's 'Bestiario is economically written surrealism or fantasy, digging up images from the collective unconsciousness in an enjoyable manner. The whole book is a collection of dreams, disturbing, absurd, a bit haunting. One identifies with its events: 'yes, it's just like the dream i once had!

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I also got this mood of another country. I have never been to C Coratzar's 'Bestiario is economically written surrealism or fantasy, digging up images from the collective unconsciousness in an enjoyable manner. Dec 30, Mike rated it it was amazing. Que se puede decir sobre esta monumental obra?

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