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Have 1 or 2 of these quik clots handy …. They can also double for gun cleaners, tinder, and preventing blisters. Essential oils — Having a good stock of essential oils will be very useful if the system goes down and its hard to find quality medicine. Essential oils are inexpensive and needs no prescription to buy them and can be used for antiseptics, relieve headaches, promote sleep, reduce anxiety, treat wounds, etc … Here is an article on the 25 uses of lavender which is considered the jack of all oils!

You will want to have in stock a starter kit of essential oils! Specific supplements that you may need based on your health and current needs should also be well stocked. If your on any prescription meds, research how you can store up a several month supply if possible or alternatives that maybe sufficient. Chapstick — as you spend more time outside, chapstick will be equally important.

Smelling salts — inhalants that are used when light-headed or just dizzy. If you need a jolt to wake up , use smelling salts! Charcoal tablets — charcoal tablets are used for many types of digestive and stomach issues. They contain lots of small cavities able to absorb unwanted materials and gases sitting in the gut causing bloating, pain or gas. Antibiotics — the scary thing about an economic collapse will be the scarcity of antibiotics and prescription medicine. One such product is Amoxfin fish antibiotic. An antibiotic for fish, just read some of the descriptions, they are quite hilarious!

You could also go herbal using well known Dr. This is a type of salt that cab be used to combat radiation poisoning.

Potassium Iodide will block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland. KI potassium iodide is a salt of stable not radioactive iodine that can help block radioactive iodine from being absorbed by the thyroid gland, thus protecting this gland from radiation injury.

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The thyroid gland is the part of the body that is most sensitive to radioactive iodine. Isopropyl alcohol — this is another useful topical agent for disinfecting items, cleansing wounds, and general antimicrobial liquid. You can find these in your local walmart or grocery store. Sun Block — More time outside, more sun on the skin, get some sun block.

Creating a saferoom requires 6 mil plastic , some duct tape and proper ventilation. This type of plastic sheeting has lts of other uses as well such as rain collection, or for sheltering or a tarp. First Aid Manuals — a solid first aid book that covers the basic should be on your shelf. We rely so much on the internet, that if the grid went down, the only information you would have are the books on your shelf.

Three recommended books are:. Next on the list comes safety and security measures. Think weapons and ammo and a home fortress.

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The first thing we will look at on the list are guns. Handgun — While there is some argument on the perfect caliber, 9mm,. This can be your go-to gun by your bedside to things that go bump in the night. If you want a simple point-shoot go for the revolver. Shotgun — Many will argue if you could only have 1 weapon for home defense , the shotgun would it. The ammunition is inexpensive, is a long gun so there are less background checks when purchasing one, and can always double as a hunting gun. Also, if someone is in your home, and they hear the pump of a shotgun , it will scary any would-be intruder and for close range encounters.

Suggested calibers are the. Knife — You should always have a knife in your bug-out bag or as an everyday carry.

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The uses of a knife are limitless. Whether you want a fixed vs. Short range rifle — The. The ammo is plentiful and extremely cheap and could always double as a barter item, so stock up! This rifle can be used for small game and can quite possibly be used for large game if no other rifle is available. Ammo — whatever your choice of weapons are both handguns and rifles, be sure to stock up on as much ammo as possible. Prices will skyrocket and ammo will be non-existent if there ever is a collapse scenario that unfolds. Neighborhood defense — Get to know your neighbors now!

Guide Dogs For Preppers (Survival Prepping For Hard Times Book 1)

The more neighbors who are prepared the better. If you can develop a plan even better. Here is a video to secure your neighborhood in a SHTF scenario. But what breeds are the best to own? German shepherds or Rottweilers are standard guard dogs you cant go wrong with. Also consider hunting dog breeds if you live off the land and hunt often. Pre-cut plywood — This can be a wise strategy if you leave in a high risk area. You can use pre-cut plywood to board up your windows to harden your home and make it more difficult to enter. Read this on the importance of cash.

Precious metals — you could write a whole article on preparing yourself financially for an economic doomsday scenario. Investing in precious metals is one of them. Be sure to read our guide on How to Buy Silver.

Lighting for home — A well lit home is less likely to be targeted at night. Security lighting around the perimeter of your house my encourage the riffraff to look elsewhere. Go for the solar-powered option here. When the grid goes down or power from the state is no longer reliable how will you power your home or keep warm during the winter. What alternatives from electric power do you have?

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The following is a short list of options. Blankets — Somewhat of a no brainer especially in the northern parts of the US.

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Thick and heavy blankets, enough for several unwanted guests that may pop in as well. Sleeping bags — Along with blankets, having a solid sleeping bag for each member in your family is also recommended. Be sure to check for temperature rating and type of insulation. Batteries — An ample supply of batteries should always be in your prepping supplies. One tip is to use battery operated devices that use the same type of battery preferably AA, which is the most popular out there.

Then you only have to stock up on kinds of batteries as opposed to every size of battery. Rechargeable batteries — Some tools eat batteries like candy!

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You will want some rechargeables to go the extra mile. Here is a great post on how to store fuel long-term.

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Gas cans — Gas cans are needed to store spare fuel. Jerry cans seem to be the go-to gas can that preppers choose. You will want to buy some gas stabilizers additives for storing gas extended periods of time. Here is a detailed article on discussing the importance of power inverters to the prepper. Solar power watt kitt — A solar power watt kitt allows you to power your RV, home, cabin, boat, etc… all from the power of the sun.