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Two teams must race to each pod and defend it from the opposing team. Points are earned by guarding the pods wherever they land. Crysis 2's standard team deathmatch mode. Defeat as many foes as possible with the powers of the Nanosuit while minimizing player deaths. One team is on offense, trying to obtain two bio-ticks that will give boost to stealth and armor and will then try to reach a helicopter extraction point.

The defenders must stop them. One team is on offense, trying to download critical data from five different data-posts and are clad in Nano suits but have limited weaponry. The defenders must stop them, and get superior weapons but no Nano suit. Four rounds with teams switching sides after each one.

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A Capture the Flag spin-off mode where two teams vie for control over two data relays. Matches usually span around ten minutes and requires three capture points to win. The soundtrack was composed Borislav Slavov , with the main theme being written by Hans Zimmer. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users.

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Video Quick Look: Crysis 2. Overview Crysis 2 was announced on June 1st of , and was in development since Plot New York isn't doing too well. The updated Nanosuit now has two Primary and two Secondary modes, which work in tandem: Primary Modes - When activated, these modes drain the suit's power and provide temporary boosts.

Armor - Diverts all damage to the suit, depleting shield power in lieu of user health.

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Stealth - Drains all the suit's power to cloak the user and silence all movement sounds. Tactical - Replacing the binoculars from the first game, the tactical mode highlights all objects of interest in the world like enemy targets, weapons, ammo etc. Skip to content Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Crysis: Collected Edition Bookeveryone.

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Ceejay View Profile View Posts. I do not quite understand, all you need to do is just play the game, you will eventually fully upgrade the suit. It'll take at least two playthroughs to unlock everything. You can farm nano catalyst by quitting to the menu after you collected enough catalyst from an area and then just restart the mission. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 25 Jan, pm. Posts: 5. Go up to the second story; the room before the hallway with the ammunition boxes has the item. Remember you cannot come back to the zone if you go past it.

There is an elevated high-speed train station where you start this section. Get to the corpse at the station, and you will find the item next to it. About 50 game-distance units from the end, you will see the camera next to one of the alien robot tentacles. Under Tactical Point 2 Ledge Grab , there is a door to a maintenance area. The item you want is in there. From Tactical Point 1 Explore , look across the tracks and you can see the door leading to the item.

Atop the red worker's scaffold, there's a corpse with a DSG-1 sniper rifle. The item is near this corpse.

To the left of the vehicle in this section is an ammo bin and C4; the speed camera is at the top of this ramp -- you will need to sprint and jump off use armor mode to reduce impact damage to trigger this camera. Before you approach the sewer tunnel, you will encounter an ammo bin with the item by a nearby corpse. Check inside for this item. The Statue of Liberty's head will be in a pool of water. Go through the underwater hole and take the item inside the statue's head.

Check the windows that look into the lobby. Stand on its bow.

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Look back towards the sewer entrance where you proceed with the mission ; you will be unable to see the entrance but you can see a pipe embedded in the wall and a waterfall. There should also be an upwell of water between the pipe and waterfall.

Go to that upswell of current and dive with nano-vision. You should be able to see the item next to an underwater car wreck. Check the area near the postcard racks.

Note the lions in the Ghostbusters game are destroyed. In there, check the control booth for the item. Don't exit through the orange EMAT tunnel until you collected the item. After he tasks you with locating the detonators near the Onyx Building, the gate next to him opens. Go straight past the gate; you will pass an emplaced missile launcher on your left, then a second emplaced launcher on your right. The item you want is on a pallet of boxes past the second missile launcher. The speed-trap camera is next to this store, but you will need to sprint against the camera to trigger it.

Right next to the big red button that opens the door to the underground parking lot the one you're supposed to activate is a desk with the item on it. The small office next to this EVAC gate has the item on a table. There is a small store a 'sandwich bar' next to the barricade. Locate the open sidewalk and enter the shop.

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The item is in the left-most room, on the cashier's counter. Go forwards and right to locate a table next to a parked deuce-and-a-half military truck. The item you want is on that table. For the easiest route, head through Tactical Point 1 Flank and simply walk in the front door while cloaked and crouched for no-sound. You can get it after you power down the place, but there will be more enemies than normal. You can avoid the electricty not recommended , or come back when the power is off. There are more enemies, but nothing silent sniping won't take care of.