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A friend of mine was the one who mentioned I might have met my twin flame. I started researching it back then and was convinced it was my TF. I had the ability to sense and manipulate energy at a level that exceeded hers, and she had been practicing Reiki for several years. I had this odd ability to see, actually see, different faces than the one I was gazing at. I was told I may have been seeing past lives.

I would pick up crystals and feel waves of energy pulse through my body. A few months into dating her, all of those recently gained "abilities" started to diminish, rapidly.

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  • 3 Subtle Differences Between a Twin Flame and a Life Partner.
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  • 3 Subtle Differences Between a Twin Flame and a Life Partner.
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It was such a heart breaking loss, even though it was such a short amount of time feeling those things. I guess I want to know why that happened. Since our breakup I have been sensing energy a bit more, but it's no where near like it was those first few months.

Soulmate – A Relationship Guide For Soulmates

I've read Destiny of souls recently, by the hypnotherapist Michael Newton. He hypnotises people into a spiritual state and they reveal spiritual truths to him. He says in his book that twin flames don't exist, but soul mates do. Soul mates go through many lives together.

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Thank you! So you have similar experiences. And are drawn together. But it is uncommon.

I am not saying I invest in the following, but this is something I read. A Soul Mate relationship tends to be karmic.

Astrology Aspects Of Twin Flames

The two people are bound by a lesson they can learn together. That's fine, but usually lessons have some painful drama attached. These relationships are powerful because they transform us, but they're not necessarily healthy. It's like soul mate equals wound mates. The connection is based on wounding. But once one person heals those wounds, the connection is over. A Twin Flame is someone that mirrors your soul back to you somehow.

There isn't much value in this because there isn't much to learn from it. The relationship lacks polarity, which is a component of attraction, and can fall apart. A Divine Compliment is the ideal match. There is no painful karmic bonds. It's just two people who are both whole and complete within themselves and end up spending time as a couple for a while. They compliment each other somehow and there is no fighting or drama. They support each other in living a healed, wholesome lifestyle.


As someone who is currently going through the twin flame process, I truly feel that is one of the most succinct and accurate definitions. It simply refers to becoming whole.

Twin Flame Reading. NEW VERSION OF UNION. NOV 2019.

That wholeness has sort of a ripple effect on…well, everything in your life. Focusing on the big picture of the twin flame union encourages self-empowerment and portraying sort of an advocacy for that empowerment more than anything. Masculine and feminine energies have always been cooperative and were never meant to be restricted to only male or female bodies. The descent to earth is what probably caused the divine purpose to get a little foggy as certain experiences helped us develop and uphold universal truths with each incarnation.

Feeling the pull towards your twin flame means you want someone who is a lot like you, but has their own identity; we want to feel a connection with someone who helps us accept ourselves without completely conquering who we are or disregarding themselves.

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  8. Accepting yourself is accepting your twin flame. Loving yourself attracts your twin flame. If you'd like more insight on love and self-acceptance and you're into astrology, learn how your twin flame journey will help you achieve greater self-love based on your Venus sign here. Take a moment to think about what the twin flame experience has been described as so far:. Self-love is about caring for yourself, but the superficiality is abandoned completely.

    Take your identity and your life seriously. No more downplaying your dreams and goals, no more encouraging self-defeating practices, or avoiding the reason behind traumatic events of your past. One is already one. One reflects the other one and is still its own one. Again uniqueness and similarity cooperate for the symbolic purpose of self-empowerment. Release the expectations, stop obsessing over when your twin flame will acknowledge your existence and do it yourself.

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    4. Being a twin flame is acknowledging the power to write your own story with your twin flame and show others that they can do the same. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Find me on Twitter Authentikei and spill your heart out to me. I'm already used to bracing for the floodgates of emotion to open thanks to my twin flame so I can take on whatever you have for me.

      Have you had dreams about your twin flame? Have you tried to astral project to go find them? Read this article for more information about astral projection, lucid dreams, and sleep paralysis. Mystic and creative spirit with a M asters in Liberal Studies concn. Creative Writing. I don't quite know where else to start other than