A Tight Wide-open Space: Finding love in a Muslim land

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Vigilante justice has no restraints and is bound to be abused. It results in relationships between Muslims based on fear and arrogance. It leads to a chaotic society. Death squads or street mobs take justice into their own hands. Mobs stone women accused of adultery. Boys throw acid at girls because they do not like their dress, etc. Muslims are turned against each other.

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They have to watch their backs. Many of the accusations of apostasy and blasphemy are the result of personal grudges borne by the accusers against the defendants to settle personal scores, or are tools for Islamic governments to silence opposition. Deep-seated distrust plagues Islamic society.

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Vigilante justice is where Islam gets its power. It is not the power of conviction, but the power of fear. Sharia can only produce tyranny and dictatorships. Because of its cruelty and oppressive nature, Sharia could not coexist peacefully with the cultures of free societies. That fear of mixing with the other the infidel cultures was behind the Arab destruction of the surrounding great ancient civilizations of Egypt and Persia at-Tawbah 9: Sharia was created by powerful men to serve the same—from Muhammad in the seventh century who had the first pick of war-captive women, to the caliphs, to the Arabian kings and Muslim dictators.

It benefits the wealthy powerful men who can afford four wives and limitless enslaved women maids. The poor Muslim man cannot afford even one wife or an apartment. Fossilized eleven-centuries-old laws of Sharia protect the oppressors and punish the oppressed. It strips women and non-Muslims from their God-given right to be human-beings.

Sharia ultimately degrades society and diminishes freedom. They choose what their basic human decency tells them is right, not because of Islam, but despite it. They are more humane and civilized than the Islamic Sharia. On the other hand, many Muslim men feel weak without Islamic Sharia that grants them master-slave relationships in their homes.

Therefore, they demand Sharia even in the West. Because of the repulsive nature of the embarrassing Islamic Sharia laws, they are kept as deep secrets not uttered. Their truth is hidden, suppressed, and misrepresented in the West. Jesus did not seek to establish laws, but sought instead to eliminate the roots of evil wherever they are found Luke The Gospel of Christ does not establish a legal code.

A Tight Wide-open Space: Finding love in a Muslim land

Christian ethics are based not on rigid laws and regulations, as in Islam, but on principles and values. While the Gospel does not set up specific penal laws, it does emphasize the importance of maintaining justice and punishing criminals, which is the responsibility of the state Romans The grace and mercy of God are emphasized in the Gospel without neglecting his justice. Jesus did not come to abolish the Torah, but to fulfill it Matthew 5: Laws can and should evolve according to the specific situation in which they apply.

It is essential only that they be just and protect the rights of the most deprived. The advantage of the Gospel, which contains no laws, is precisely that it allows each generation and each nation the freedom and responsibility to apply justice guided by the teachings of the Gospel, taking into account contemporary and historical circumstances. Western laws are based on Biblical principles, reason, and basic human dignity. Because it does not claim direct inspiration from God, it is not carved in concrete.

It self-corrects and evolves as humanity develops and matures. On the contrary, Islamic sharia loathes change and is stagnant. This contrasts with the freedom of conscience proclaimed by Christianity Luke In Islam, the person born in a Muslim family does not choose to be Muslim. Islam is much harsher than communism and Nazism, both of which any one could resign from and still live. Muslims are not free to leave Islam.

Islam is a prison for those that wish to leave it. If a Muslim man leaves Islam, he is considered an apostate, and condemned to dispossession and death. Islam exercises a stranglehold upon Muslims from birth to death. Islam has been around for about years—much longer than Communism and Nazism, because it claims divine authority and supremacy.

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Varying opinions exist on whether females leaving Islam should be killed or merely incarcerated. Islam is the only religion in the world that threatens its adherents with death if they try to leave it.

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  • Because of that position, many Islamic states outlaw apostasy and consider it a capital offense. However, the problem is larger than the Islamic state, because Sunni and Shiite Islamic scholars largely agree that the Islamic law Sharia empowers Muslim individuals to take the matter in their own hands, exercise vigilante justice and punish Muslim apostates by death, promising the killers heavenly rewards for their crimes.

    Therefore, the biggest threat to the Muslim apostate is his own angry Muslim relatives and friends. Islamic authorities often ignore the attacks on Muslim apostates, because they are sympathetic with the attackers. Unfortunately, this tradition has followed Muslims to the Western world.

    The definition of an apostate is being expanded by Islamic fundamentalists to include anyone who disagrees with what they think orthodox Islam is. This leaves the door wide open for condemning other Muslims as apostates deserving the death penalty. As a result, deep-seated mistrust and insecurity plague Islamic society. The four main Sunni schools of Sharia agree that it is not allowed to build new churches or synagogues in towns and cities of Islamic states. Only the Hanafi Sharia permits it at distance greater than one mile outside the town.

    Several Muslim states in the United Nations have withheld their signatures from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights because of its insistence on freedom of religion, which is stipulated in Article In Christianity, if a Christian blasphemes aspects of the Christian faith, he is simply excommunicated expelled from the church for committing this grave sin 1 Timothy 1: 13, 14, Should he change his mind and repent, he is accepted back into the church. The door of repentance is open as long as he lives. The true biblical prophets of the living God never persecuted, oppressed or killed people that disagreed with their message and rejected it.

    In fact, Jesus is called the prince of peace Isaiah 9: 6. Jesus did not coerce pressure or threaten anyone to follow him. He did not have a sword, did not kill or order the killing of anyone. He never threatened the life of anyone. Jesus and his disciples preached peace and were the examples of peace Philippians 4: 7; Ephesians 2: In the absence of the right to freedom of conscience in Islam, other rights such as the right to freedom of thought and speech are rendered meaningless.

    God will pardon you for this. Muhammad urged his Muslim followers to kill his critics for him in order of silence them, and praised them for doing it afterwards.

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    Guilaune, The Life of Muhammad, pp. Moinul, p. They were killed for telling the awful truth about Muhammad. That practice has been codified in Sharia. This stifles and restricts free speech. That blocks the door of constructive objective criticism of Islam. This created a huge gap between what is in Islamic scriptures true Islam and what Muslims perceive their religion to be. Before entering Mecca, Muhammad instructed his commanders to fight only those who resisted them except for a small number of persons who were to be killed even if they were found beneath the curtains of the Kaaba.

    That was why he left Islam. He knew too much. Islamist organizations call for censorship of any criticism of Islam on the grounds of being insulted Reliance of the Traveler, Sec. This is a common trick of totalitarian movements and governments. They mislabel any objective truthful critique as an insult, and attempt to punish and silence its source. They cannot accept the fact that Islamic teachings are to blame for crimes committed by Islamist jihadists, and push the blame off to other imaginary causes. They believe Islam is always innocent, no matter how obvious the evidence is to the contrary.

    They want that only what can bring honor to Islam be revealed, but what brings shame be concealed. This blocks the light of truth from entering, as the doors and windows are all closed around the Muslim mind.

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    • By killing apostates and critics of Islam in the vast prison of Islam, Islam produces frightened followers, not believers. To be a Muslim is to have a relationship, not with the Islamic god, but with the Sharia run Islamic state.

      A Tight Wide-open Space: Finding love in a Muslim land

      Violent destructive riots ensue in Islamic nations and cries to restrict freedom of speech are broadcast in order to prevent the criticism of Islam and keep the unwary West in the dark. Freedom of speech is given to man by the Almighty God. Therefore, it cannot be removed without transgressing the divine mandate. The founding fathers of the U. Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. The intolerance of free thinking and questioning has resulted in a paralyzed Islamic brain and destroyed initiative and innovation.

      Blind followers in a tightly controlled intellectual climate that prohibits questioning worry more about survival than innovation and discovery.